How It Works

Follow these simple steps for the best property deals.

Step 1:

Choose a type of property in a Project or an area.


Step 2:

Apply for “Join Buyers Group” for the specific project.

You can join more groups as well if you are interested in multiple projects.

Step 3:

Groups will form and we will contact you to confirm your individual request.

Step 4:

Together we will negotiate as a group with the developer – with complete transparency.

Concretedeal will take care of all the financial and legal issues (documents and bank loans) for a fast and smooth process.

Step 5:

We close the deal at the lowest price.

You get your dream property with an awesome discount and a happy proud smile 🙂

The Benefits

The Simple and Hassle Free Process.

Getting “Real Awesome Discounts” and enjoying the power of a group being an individual.

End to end personalized customer support in all the financial and legal matters (regarding any documents or loans etc) and making sure everything is easy for you.

Community defined and selected (like-minded people) before buying – which maximizes easy living and generates and develops a happier Community living.

Best Return on Investment on your purchase (if you are an investor).